Water Infrastructure

Water Infrastructure

Areas of Competence and Expertise

We have in-house expertise and workforce to conceptualize, design, execute, manage and operate all manner of water infrastructure projects. Working with available water resource base of a given locality, we know how to combine know-how and the right technology to make water available to households, agriculture and industry in the right quantity and quality with minimal impact on the environment. We have proven expertise in the following areas:

  • Dams and reservoirs (including design, construction and rehabilitation)
  • Water supply systems for domestic consumption and industrial usage  including pumping stations and conduction / conveyance systems
  • Water supply systems for irrigation including pumping stations, water impoundment (in ponds and reservoirs) and conveyance
  • Water treatment systems deploying technologies for filtration, tertiary treatment and reverse osmosis for desalination
  • Comprehensive sewage systems, wastewater treatment facilities (plants) as well as sludge management systems with biogas production
  • Aquifer development and protection
  • Desalination plants for seawater or brackish water
  • Drainages

Benefits of our Solution

Some of the key benefits of our innovative and smart solutions include:

  • Efficient development and management of new water resources
  • Enhanced water availability and quality
  • Safe water supply for domestic, agricultural and industrial usage
  • Greater reclaimed water availability for agriculture and industry
  • Increased revenues from reused water
  • Enhanced public health and minimized environmental impact

Project Financing

The Sequoia Group leverages on relations with global financial institutions and credit agencies to help clients arrange financial packages with third parties. This fills the need from increased lack of interest on the part of international lenders (lending agencies) to fund infrastructure projects for developing countries.

These financial packages we help arrange are tailored to the needs and requirements of specific projects in question. Some of the services rendered here include

  • Responsibility for arranging all loan-related matters including identification of financing sources
  • Procurement of guarantees
  • Liaison and negotiations with banks and export credit agencies (ECAs) to develop appropriate and attractive packages