Maximizing Africa’s Potential

We are Sequoia

Sequoia Group is a leading infrastructure company with interests in Agriculture and Water infrastructure development. Our main offices are located in Nigeria. Sequoia offers comprehensive solutions to every project it embarks on including conceptualization, design, planning, project finance facilitation, establishment and operation. Our clients include the Federal Government, State Governments, private companies, organized farmer co-operatives, educational Institutions, Churches and Non-Governmental Organizations.

Core Expertise

Added Values

Sequoia is equipped with financial team that is trusted by international financial institutions, including banks and insurance companies, and is able to provide our clients with the necessary tools to bring the project to life. Sequoia conduct full bankability assessments of potential ventures and offer financing structures of all kinds, providing financial backing and optimized funding options. These all-inclusive financial solutions are tailor-made and optimize all project elements

Sequoia’s training programs are well diversified to meet the agricultural needs of every participant or group from well experienced farmers through beginners to potential new entrants. Above this, our international team of highly specialized and versatile agric experts and trainers knows how to not only excite the youth and open their eyes to the potential that agriculture represents in positively changing their life destinies, but to also actually equip them with the right tools to drive it as a profitable business.
Our training programs are either all-encompassing or come in modules. They focus on the developing local agricultural production and processing both for the domestic market and export. All training modules are designed to incorporate key elements such as management and finance of large, medium and small farms, rural development, leadership etc.


Sequoia success lies in its ability to bring full value chain concept into an agricultural project. A complete value chain together with the right planning and management brings assured success to the project. Sequoia vast experience in different geopolitical areas, allows it to understand and cope with complex market situations that may arise when approaching and executing this concept.

Sequoia & the community

Corporate Social Responsibility
Our goal as an agri-business Company is to be a reference point in the the on-going effort to maximize the agricultural potential in sub Saharan Africa (and Nigeria in particular) as a major engine of growth.